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Action 24/7 sports betting license reinstated after court grants injunction


A court ruling has ordered that Tennessee-based sportsbook Action 24/7 has its license reinstated after an appeal for a temporary injunction was granted.

On March 22, Action 24/7 became the first US online betting operator to have its license suspended when the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation (TEL) took action after fraudulent activity was discovered on the platform.

Action 24/7 filed a lawsuit against the TEL on the same day claiming that Susan Lanigan, the chair of the Lottery’s board, suspended its operations before the board voted on the motion.

The Court entered a motion for a temporary injunction hearing on March 24.

The Court agreed that TEL supported the suspension from Lanigan without allowing Action 24/7 to present its case against it. It also revealed that all members of the TEL board may not have had the opportunity to read or review the information provided by Action 24/7 prior to the board meeting.

In addition, the TEL had the opportunity to hear from Action 24/7 representatives during the meeting, but Action 24/7 were not allowed to address the board directly.

In agreeing to grant Action 24/7’s request for temporary injunction relief, the Court reached the conclusion that Action 27/7 would likely “suffer immediate and irreparable injury pending a final judgement” due to the suspension.

TEL have been ordered to reinstate Action 274/7’s gaming license as a result.

“We applaud the Court’s decision and look forward to working with state officials to ensure public safety and trust in our regulatory system while maintaining an environment for businesses to thrive in Tennessee,” said Action 24/7 president Tina Hodges.