25th July 2023

End zone: Is the US ready to support women’s sports?

As sports betting in the US matures, demand grows. Despite long being available for betting, however, women’s sports are nowhere near as prevalent as men’s.…

5th April 2023

Hitting the jackpot

Katya Machuganova, product owner at Silverback Gaming, explores the industry’s relationship with the coveted jackpot and how the operator is aiming to reinvent the jackpot…

29th March 2023

Ontario: One year on

Cole Rush explores how the Ontario sports betting market has performed in its first year, and what the industry can expect going forward. Say it…

6th March 2023

Personalization: Taking account of modern technologies

In the final part of this series, Russell Karp, senior vice president of DataArt looks at how tapping into the industry’s most up-and-coming technologies for…

6th March 2023

Personalization: Augmenting the bettor experience

With the sportsbook business heating up, and everyone leading with their mobile apps, it is high time that operators began to differentiate their digital offering.…

24th February 2023

Defining the opportunity

In the second part of our sports betting legislative rundown, Cole Rush examines similar offerings within the market and looks at what lies ahead for…

24th February 2023

An evolving market

In part one of this legislative rundown, Cole Rush discusses how the US sports betting market has evolved since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection…

16th February 2023

Bridging the divide

The sports betting world is ever-expanding. New states, new platforms, new bet structures. As a bettor, it’s easy to feel left in the dust. And…

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14th February 2023

Super Bowl LVII: industry round-up

Sunday (February 12) saw the Super Bowl arrive back on our screens. Serving as the final game in the National Football League (NFL) season, the…

17th November 2022

Billion-dollar jackpot fever

Earlier this month, the Powerball jackpot surpassed $2bn for the first time, soon after the top Mega Millions prize hit $1.34bn. What are the impacts…

20th October 2022

Slow burn: What’s the hold-up with online casino?

With online casino legal in a measly seven states while sports betting continues to sweep the nation, why is it the former seems to have…

13th October 2022

The affiliate evolution

Since the repeal of PASPA, the US affiliate sector has already undergone drastic change. Cole Rush looks at how the sector got to where it…

6th October 2022

Has US marketing finally rationalized?

Marketing in the US seems to be entering a new era, as operators boast of their “disciplined” approaches and aim to find more cost-effective ways…

22nd September 2022

Breaking new ground with an untapped audience

The US Hispanic and Latino audience is 64-million-strong, but has been poorly catered to so far by operators already in the market. COLE RUSH speaks…

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