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AGA supports use of single gambling helpline for responsible gambling campaigns


The American Gaming Association (AGA) has recommended that a single national gambling helpline should be used in advertising campaigns in order to promote responsible gambling habits. 

Whilst operators are obliged to display helplines during their advertising, the AGA claims that it is currently being done in a way that doesn’t get the message across effectively enough to players, due to the large number of different helplines available across the US.

The group claims that displaying multiple state-specific helpline numbers confuses players, the numbers are often shown in a font too small to read, and that phone-in services are being promoted ahead of modern alternatives such as text messaging and chat support.

AGA has recommended incorporating technology such as SMS, websites and mobile platforms to give players greater access to the support they need.

AGA vice president of government relations and gaming policy counsel Jessica Feil said: “Problem gambling helplines are a vital resource for those in need of help. Unfortunately, lengthy lists of state-specific helplines on national advertisements create barriers for those seeking help when we should be making these critical resources easily accessible.

“This approach—allowing the use of a national helpline in national advertising—is the most effective way to protect players.

“As gaming expands across the country, it’s imperative that our industry continues protecting all customers. We believe there shouldn’t be obstacles to help for those who need it, and a modernization of the helpline system for national advertising is a good place to start.”