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Amelco scores tribal sports betting deal with Atlantis Gaming


Sports betting software and trading services provider Amelco has agreed a new strategic partnership with Atlantis Gaming Corporation (AGC) to produce a fully serviced sportsbook offering for 450 tribal casinos across 28 states in the US.

The agreement covers the development of a turnkey solution for sportsbook operations across retail, mobile, online and self-service sports betting, pursuant to Tribal Gaming Network’s approval to operate across its jurisdictions.

Amelco will also use its licensed sportsbook technology to power AGC’s Pro Football Hall of Fame so that it can offer regulated betting for the first time.

AGC’s Pro Football Hall of Fame partnership features an ‘Ask-a-Pro’ format, which allows customers to obtain betting advice from former players and coaches from the sport.

“As the sportsbook supplier to some of the biggest names in gaming, they’re perfectly matched to utilise one of the most iconic brands in US football, the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” AGC’s president and chief executive, Donald Bailey, said.

“I am confident that with their market-leading tech and the power of our brand, we’re set to revolutionise the way sports betting is delivered across the gaming and sports communities.”

Amelco’s chief operating officer, Leon Wynne, added: “With approval to operate across tribal jurisdictions in 28 states, as well as the combination of AGC’s Hall of Fame brand and our technology, I am sure we have the makings for a powerful synergy between us both.”