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Arizona House and Senate betting bills both advance


Bills in the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate to legalize sports betting in the state have both made progress in recent days.

House Bill 2772 has been approved by the chamber’s Republican and Democratic caucuses, while the Senate Commerce Committee has passed Senate Bill 1797 bill.

HB 2772, introduced by Rep Jeff Weninger, and SB 1797, introduced by Senators Thomas Shope and Sonny Borrelli, would both allow Arizonans to bet on professional and college sports at tribal casinos and at sites owned by major league sports teams.

HB 2772 was passed by the House Commerce Committee by a 9-1 margin earlier this month. It has now also received approval from the House Rules Committee, by a 6-2 margin, as well as both the minority and majority caucuses, suggesting it will pass when it sees the House floor.

SB 1797, meanwhile, passed the Senate Commerce Committee 6-3. The bill will now be put in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee on February 23.

Each bill would allow 10 licences to be obtained by major league sports teams like the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes, as well as PGA Tour golf events and the Phoenix Raceway motorsport track.

However, they may only come into effect if a new 20-year extension to the state’s tribal compacts is agreed with the state’s tribal authorities. The legislation also offers the tribes up to 10 licences to run sportsbooks in the state.

Both bills have also received amendments adding motor racing as an approved sport for betting. The bills would also add limited Keno games at off-track betting locations and social clubs.