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Atlantic Lottery partners SG to launch Canada’s first full-service lottery kiosks


Canadian lottery operator Atlantic Lottery Corporation linked up with Scientific Games to launch what it said is the first full-service lottery kiosks in the country.

Featuring Scientific Games’ PlayCentral HD kiosks and a terminal software management system, the kiosks offer players access to both lottery draw and instant games.

The joint launch forms part of Atlantic Lottery’s five-year contract with Scientific Games and will expand the lottery’s points of sale across its retailer network of 3,000 locations in the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

This agreement also see Scientific Games provide the lottery’s instant games, subscription services, sports betting, central gaming system and full digital lottery system.

“We are investing in modernization to expand accessibility to our games by leveraging Scientific Games’ digital technologies, including this new terminal software and new PlayCentral self-serve terminals,” Atlantic Lottery’s head of channels Joey Cormier said.

“The lottery is evolving our digital merchandising and promoting our new mobile app for more cross-channel player experiences.”

Scientific Games’ lottery group chief executive Pat McHugh added: “The Atlantic Lottery’s new systems infrastructure implemented with Scientific Games in 2017 has proven extremely successful across lottery and digital transactions, driving one of the most successful digital instant lottery businesses in Canada.

“At the base of the technology is our player account management platform offering the convenience of one-wallet and limitless opportunities for players to experience cross-channel game entertainment.”