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Blackhawk & Pollard Banknote look to overhaul retail lottery sales


Instant lottery tickets are set to become available on shop floors, through a new partnership between payment provider Blackhawk Network and specialist lottery supplier Pollard Banknote.

Currently, retailers in the US offer lottery products at customer service desks or in vending machines.

However, Blackhawk and Pollard are now looking to bring the merchandising and purchase of products ‘in-lane’, meaning customers can pick up tickets alongside their other purchases without waiting in a separate line.

The deal sees Pollard Banknote’s scanACTIV solution combine with Blackhawk’s point of sale integrations, in order to quell security concerns around the potential for theft or fraud of tickets.

The scanACTIV solution works by requiring each ticket to be activated by retail staff at the point of sale, in the same way as they would activate a gift card. The games can then be played on the customer’s computer or mobile device.

Prior to activation, the tickets are of no value meaning the potential for abuse is significantly reduced.

The move aims to bring greater convenience to lottery players in the US, eliminating the need to wait in a separate line at retailers to buy lottery tickets.

“Blackhawk is committed to bringing innovative payment solutions to points of sale —including lottery— to its vast network of retail partners to help increase reach, loyalty, and revenue,” Brett Narlinger, head of global commerce at Blackhawk Network said.

“Partnering with Pollard Banknote to support its scanACTIV solution is yet another option that can enable our multi-lane retail partners to drive incremental sales and offer greater value and convenience to their customers.”

Jennifer Westbury, executive vice president of sales & customer development at Pollard Banknote, added: “We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Blackhawk and leverage its breadth of retail and payments expertise to expand our lottery products across its expansive network of multi-lane retail partners.”

“Our partnership with Blackhawk will further enable us to deliver a more convenient lottery experience, and more importantly, open untapped opportunities for lotteries to increase revenues in support of good causes in their local communities.”

Many lotteries in the US have seen decreasing revenues caused by the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, with retail outlets – still most organization’s main sales channel – shuttered. Profits from the games are returned to their states and often support social benefits such as health and education.