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Budget legislation strengthens Sportech position in CT


Legislation passed as part of the Connecticut State Budget has strengthened Sportech’s exclusive license to conduct pari-mutuel betting in the state. 

Sportech, via its Ventures subsidiary, is licensed to offer off-track betting in the state, which it does through 15 venues and an online portal. 

State laws have been amended to outlaw betting via unlicensed online operators, effective October 1, in the two-year budget passed by Ned Lamont earlier this week.

Sportech Venues president Ted Taylor said that by closing this loophole Connecticut had ensured the business would not be deprived of legitimate revenues, from which it would generate additional tax revenue. 

“This was a good result for both Sportech and for the people of the State of Connecticut,” Taylor said. 

“Sportech has invested heavily in our Connecticut business on the basis of our exclusive license to offer off-track betting there,” he added.

Sportech first secured a pari-mutuel wagering license in Connecticut in 2012.