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Colorado players bet $12.10bn on sports in first three years


Consumers in Colorado wagered $12.10bn on sports during the first full three years of legal betting in the US state.

Colorado launched its regulated market in May 2020, with the total amount spent covering player bets through to the end of April this year.

Of this figure, $11.95bn was wagered online and $146.9m at retail sportsbooks.

Gross gaming revenue for the three-year period amounted to $817.0m. Some $808.9m of this came from online betting, while $8.1m was attributed to land-based wagering.

Basketball was by far the sport of choice among consumers in Colorado, drawing $2.98m in bets. Football followed with $1.92bn, then baseball at $1.22bn while a further $2.12bn was spent on parlay bets.

Players won $11.28bn in the first three full years of regulation, while the state was able to generate $43.8m in tax.

April growth

For April, the final month of the period, players spent $417.8m betting on sports. This was 6.5% more than in the same month last year but 15.5% below $494.4m in March 2023.

Players spent $414.4m betting online and a further $3.4m at retail sportsbooks across the state.

Gross gaming revenue reached $35.1m, up 55.3% year-on-year and only marginally less than $35.4m in March.

Basketball remained the most popular sport with $136.6m in total bets, ahead of baseball on $88.4m, then ice hockey with $31.0m.

Players won $382.7m in April, while the state took $2.6m in taxes.