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Delaware igaming revenue more than doubles in 2020


Delaware igaming revenue soared 133.3% year-on-year to $8.4m in 2020, thanks largely to an increase in play during novel coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns.

Players staked $227.7m – up 78.8% – over the year, with high activity levels sustaining after lockdowns were eased.

Delaware Park narrowly edged out Dover Downs by less than $15,000 in total revenue, as both casinos brought in $3.2m for the year.

Delaware Park’s revenue was up 121.7% from 2019, while Dover Downs’ grew 127.1.%. Harrington Raceway contributed the remaining $2.0m.

In terms of stakes, however, it was Dover Downs – operated by Bally’s, the operator formerly known as Twin River – that came out on top, as players put down $89.7m.

This set it ahead of Delaware Park on $83.7m, while players staked $55.3m via Harrington Raceway.

Most of the state’s igaming revenue came from video lottery games, which brought in $6.0m on stakes of $124.4m.

Table games stakes reached $104.3m, from which operators generated revenue of in $1.7m. Poker rake contributed a further $650,000.

For the month of December, igaming revenue more than doubled to $698,477 in revenue, on stakes of $17.5m, 90.2% above prior year levels.

This reversed six consecutive months of decline in both metrics after a peak in May, as revenue and stakes grew 23.0% and 6.6% respectively from November 2020.

Video lottery games saw the vast majority of stakes and brought in the vast majority of revenue, as $10.9m in stakes turned into $505,075 in revenue.

Table games, meanwhile, brought in revenue of $157,845 as players staked $6.6m. Poker, meanwhile, brought in a rake of $36,013.

Dover Downs returned to the top spot in revenue among operators, bringing in $259,703 on stakes worth $6.4m.

Delaware Park and led the state in stakes at $6.8m, and followed close behind Dover Downs in revenue, bringing in $255,278,

At Harrington Raceway, meanwhile, players staked $4.3m and the operator brought in $183,468.

There were 572 new registered players during December, the most since July 2020. Delaware Park registered 244 new players, Dover Downs 212 and Harrington Raceway 116.