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Delaware sports betting slump continues in July and August


Results published by the Delaware Sports Lottery show that sports betting revenues in the state remained low over July and August, with both months’ figures falling below June’s total.

In July, bettors in the state placed a total of 109,968 wagers, worth $.4.1m, down 31.7% from a handle of $6.0m in June.

Of July’s figure, the majority, $2.3m, was staked at Delaware Park. Bettors placed a further $1.0m worth of wagers at Dover Downs and the remaining $808.141 was bet at the Harrington Raceway.

After $3.0m of the total handle was paid out in winnings and $75,113 was paid in vendor fees, the three operators generated a total of $634,169, a reduction of just 1.8% compared to June, despite a reduction of 31.7% in handle and 23.6% in the number of wagers placed.

In August, the number of wagers was back up, at 146,773 – higher than the figures recorded in either June or July.

Total handle across the state for the month was $4.9m, up 19.5% on July, but still some way behind June’s figure, giving August the second-lowest recorded monthly handle this year to date.

After paying out $4.4m in winning and $65,678 in vendor fees, Delaware’s sportsbooks reported net proceeds of $459,968, down 27.5% on July despite the uptick in handle and revenue.

This year to date, bettors in Delaware have placed a total of 1.4m wagers worth $53.2m. $45.1m has been paid out in winnings, and $696,962 has been paid in vendor fees, leaving net proceeds for the state’s sportsbook operators of $6.7m.