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Delaware sports betting soars in October


Licensed sports wagering operators in Delaware generated a collective $1.7m in revenue in October, up by 287.1% on the same month last year.

October was the second most successful month so far this year for sports betting in the state, despite revenue falling short of the $2.2m recorded in September.

Players wagered a total of $9.6m on sports in the four weeks to October 27, down 34.5% from $14.7m in the same month last year, while the total number of bets also fell from 287,050 to 251,235. However, punters were less successful with betting, which meant operators’ hold increased.

Delaware Park retained top spot in the state’s market, posting $1.8m in revenue and a handle of $6.1m. Revenue for the venue was up 124.4% year-on-year, but customer spend fell 43.5% from $11.5m last year.

Dover Downs ranked second with revenue of $345,032, up from £192,159 in the same month last year. However, as was the case with Delaware Park, its handle slipped 29.6% from $2.7m to $1.9m.

Harrington Raceway, the only other licensed venue in Delaware, posted revenue of $303,492 for the month, an increase of 138.0% on $303,492. Player spending on sports betting slipped 21.7% from $2.1m to $1.7m.

For the year to date, through to October 27, sports betting revenue in Delaware amounted to $9.5m, with consumers wagering $79.0m in the process.

This week, it was also revealed that online gaming revenue in Delaware came in at $246,092 in October, the lowest monthly total of the year to date.

Total market revenue was down 36.1% from $384,830 in September, which was incidentally the highest monthly total so far in 2019. Consumers spent $9.4m on igaming in October, down from $11.8m in September.

Image: Calstanhope