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DraftKings to collaborate with AGA responsible betting campaign


DraftKings has announced a collaboration with the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) “Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly” campaign.

The campaign will be featured on DraftKings’ online channels through digital marketing and social media promotions and at select DraftKings retail gaming properties, including in all 10 of its sportsbooks across the US.

This is the first time that the Have a Game Plan campaign will be promoted by a retail sportsbook nationwide.

In the retail properties, the campaign will also appear on electronic and physical DraftKings signs.

“We are excited to join forces with the American Gaming Association to promote their forward-thinking public service campaign, Have A Game Plan,” said Christine Thurmond, director of responsible gaming at DraftKings.

“Customer safety is paramount, and we are confident that implementing Have A Game Plan alongside our own responsible gaming messaging and tools will enable us to increase customer exposure to responsible gaming practices and ultimately foster safer play.”

The “Have a Game Plan” campaign aims to educate players on responsible sports betting, while raising awareness of how to spot irresponsible gambling behavior.

Advertising for the initiative will also appear alongside DraftKings’ own “It’s more Fun When It’s Fun” campaign, which focuses on promoting responsible betting through social media.

In May, DraftKings announced that it would finance the International Center for Responsible Gaming’s Fund to Support Research on Sports Wagering, to offer a 3 year research program into responsible gaming practices.