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Esports Technologies files patent for esports betting exchange


Esports wagering technology provider Esports Technologies has announced the filing of an electronic sports betting exchange system patent.

The patent is in regards to a private betting model, which will allow operators and bettors to experience higher liquidity and improved pricing that is unaffected by bet sizes.

Through the exchange system, users will be able to subscribe to specific betting markets, such as esports games, teams or players. Users will also be grouped into larger order blocks, which will offer better liquidity.

“The private exchange described in this patent application could substantially elevate the esports wagering experience for high-volume bettors and traders,” said Bart Barden, chief operating officer of Esports Technologies.

“Our team will continue to refine the technology so that we can deliver the most engaging esports betting exchange platform.”

Earlier this year, Esports Technologies filed a patent for an AI oddsmaking technology.