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Four sentenced in Michigan for running illegal gambling facility


Four Michigan residents have been sentenced for their roles in running an illegal gambling facility.

Sam Daoud, aged 52, Nadia Daoud, aged 50 and Brian Shufeldt, aged 42 all pleaded guilty to one felony count each, pertaining to the illegally-run gambling operations.

Sam Daoud was placed on probation for 18 months and was ordered to pay $498 in costs. Both Nadia Daoud and Shufeldt were ordered to pay $798 in costs each.

Kim Green, aged 44, pleaded guilty to a high court misdemeanor of maintaining a gambling house for gain. She paid a fine of $978, served two days in jail and received six months on probation.

All money collected during the investigation – which was a joint effort between the Michigan Department of Attorney General and the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) – was seized, and amounted to $14,212 in cash and gift cards. A total of 35 slot-style gaming computers were also seized.

In addition, Sam Daoud and Shufeldt, along with three other individuals, pleaded guilty to operating a second business, Motorcity Jackpott’s.

“The Michigan Gaming Control Board works closely with police agencies and the Attorney General’s office to find and eliminate illegal gambling operations and the unwanted crime they bring,” said MGCB executive director Henry Williams. in a statement.

In June, MGCB announced the sentencing of three people running an illegal operation named Spin City.