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Genius Sports signs up to Canadian soccer data and content deal


Genius Sports has partnered with Mediapro Canada on a project designed to enhance coverage of the country’s soccer competitions.

Mediapro Canada, which has a 10-year deal to promote the sport, will integrate Genius Sports’ live data and content into its OneSoccer dedicated streaming platform.

Genius Sports’ data-driven marketing technology will also help to expand Mediapro Canada’s domestic audience by driving OneSoccer subscriptions through personalized promotions and offers.

Genius Sports has also been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute live video streams for all Canadian Premier League (CPL) and Canadian Championship games. Sportsbooks can also access official data rights to Canadian soccer through Genius Sports’ existing partnership with Canadian Soccer Business (CSB), the enterprise that represents the leagues’ commercial interests.

Mark Locke, chief executive of Genius Sports, said: “The convergence of official data, betting, streaming and marketing is rapidly changing the sports landscape across North America. Our technology is driving this convergence and at a time when Canada is embracing single-event sports betting, we are proud to have partnered with MediaPro Canada to deliver the fan experiences of the future and grow Canadian soccer.”

Mediapro Canada sealed a 10-year partnership with CSB in 2019 through which it is was tasked with promoting the sport, including the management of the global and domestic media rights to all CPL and Championship games.

Oscar López, chief executive of Mediapro Canada, said: “We are confident that Genius will help unlock the value of our digital assets and extend the reach of our brands across new markets. The partnership also strengthens our commitment to transparency at a time when Canadian soccer is reaching new heights on both the domestic and international stage.”