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Grand Central to open Elys-powered sportsbook in DC on October 4


Grand Central has announced it will launch the new Elys Game Technology-powered retail sportsbook at its Grand Central Restaurant & Bar in Washington DC on October 4.

The sportsbook will be the first offering at a bar that is not operated by the state lottery’s Gambet brand.

The sportsbook will enable visitors to place real-money sports bets from anywhere inside the restaurant premises, with an on-site app also due to launch next year.

Grand Central and Elys were last month issued a Class B operator license by the District of Columbia’s Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) for the new venture.

This arrangement will also see US Bookmaking advise on risk management and bookmaking services at the sportsbook.

“We expect that Grand Central and the integration of legalized sports betting operations within the restaurant venue could be a valuable template for numerous other small businesses across North America and provide an important live location for Elys to showcase its world-class, end-to-end sports betting technology and services also to casino operators, restaurant chains and other small business entrepreneurs,” Elys executive chairman Michele Ciavarella said.

“In addition, we hope that the venue could serve as a model for regulators across the US and Canada to see how this turn-key solution could be applied in their jurisdictions to help drive economic development at the grass-roots level and invite all our friends and valued shareholders to experience our newly developed US-facing products and services at the Grand Central Restaurant and Bar.”