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Illinois betting revenue dips 28.7% month-on-month in August


Revenue from sportsbooks in Illinois declined again on a month-on-month basis but was up 272.2% year-on-year in August.

This revenue came on wagers totaling $394.0m. This was up 181.2% from August 2020.

Of the $26.8m in revenue, $25.5m was made online, a 325.0% increase, while the remaining $1.3m came from in-person bets, up 8.0%.

Online handle was $374.9m, a year-on-year tripling, while handle from retail bets was $19.1m, which was 20.1% more than 2020.

Comparing the figures with July, revenue was down 28.7%. However, handle was up 6.7% month-on-month.

Illinois also breaks wagers into “Tier 1” bets – on final results – and “Tier 2” bets, such as prop bets and point totals.

“Tier 1” wagers totaled $216.1m and produced $14.2m in revenue. Tier 2 wagers, on the other hand, came to $177.9m, with revenue on these bets coming to $12.6m.

Breaking revenue down by operator, FanDuel and its partner Fairmount Park led the way with $9.3m, while DraftKings and Casino Queen brought in $7.5m. Rush Street Interactive – partnered with the land-based Rush Street Gaming business – brought in $5.4m.

Tax revenue for the state of Illinois came to $4.4m. $4.0m of this came from the state’s base 15% tax rate, with an additional $294,458 from the further 2% tax rate on revenue for bets placed in Cook County – which includes Chicago.