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Kentucky Lottery sees sales rise 12.4% in July and August


The Kentucky Lottery’s board of directors has announced that sales for the first two months of its 2022 financial year – July and August – totaled at $269.5m.

This was a year-on-year rise of 12.4%, and $8.8m more than what was budgeted for the period.

The Lottery board attributed the high amount of sales to several instances, including a yearly increase of 6.6% in scratch-off game sales to $9.8m and a 43.6% rise in Lucky for Life sales to $1.9m due to drawings for the games increasing to seven days per week.

An increase in Powerball sales by 25.7% and Mega Millions sales by 29.8% for the period were put down to jackpot rolls, of which amounted to $432m for the Mega Millions and $523m for the Powerball.

Net income for the two months came to $54.6m, a 1.8% year-on-year rise. This was also $43,000, or 0.1%, more than budgeted. This was attributed to high prize payments from daily Pick 3 or Pick 4 draw games.

Pick 3 games were projected to pay back 60% in sales back in the form of prizes, but the current year-to-date percentage is 62.4%. For Pick 4, prize percentage was projected at 50% but thus far the game has paid 61.6% in prizes.