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KeyStar Corp submits sports betting license in Tennessee


KeyStar Corp has officially submitted its sports wagering license application for ZenSports in Tennessee.

KeyStar officially acquired ZenSports in October 2022, along with esports tournament specialist Ultimate Gamer.

ZenSports consists of both a traditional sportsbook and a peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace.

In a statement, KeyStar said that it hopes both these mobile platforms will be approved in accordance with the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act and the Sports Wagering Advisory Council rules.

“Tennessee is the perfect first state for us to launch ZenSports in,” said KeyStar CEO Mark Thomas. “Tennessee has demonstrated significant technology innovation and is one of the fastest-growing states for sports wagering.”

Thomas was named CEO of KeyStar last month. Before this, he was chief product officer at ZenSports from June 2022.

Thomas co-founded ZenSports and, prior to the acquisition, was also its CEO.