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Loto-Québec welcomes results of money laundering audit


Loto-Québec has welcomed the findings of an independent audit on money laundering in casinos and gaming halls in Quebec and said it is already working to implement any suggestions from the audit.

The independent audit examined money laundering and extortionate loans in Québec casinos and gaming halls, as well as loyalty programs and employee security.

In a statement, Loto-Québec representatives said that much of what the audit did recommend was in line with steps the company was already taking to prevent criminal activity in its services.

“We recognize that the fight against money laundering is a constant challenge, and we are pleased to note that several recommendations that emerge from the audit relate to measures already in place or in the process of being,” said Jean-François Bergeron, Loto-Québec president and CEO.

“For example, we will automate our systems to target practices that may turn out to be questionable. We will also continue our collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in the fight against money laundering.”

Loto-Québec went on to declare that it continues to be on the lookout for the “best practices” available to combat money laundering.

The audit found that Loto-Québec’s employees had not been compromised, and that staff were aware of the laws regarding financial crime and how to combat criminal attempts.

It also found that there had been no instances of jeopardizing internal investigations within Loto-Québec casinos.

“The Board of Directors is reassured to note that the report recognizes the excellent record of implementing the measures and the recommended improvements,” said Hélène F. Fortin, chairman of the Loto-Québec board of directors.

“They will ensure that the organization maintains its efforts and will continue to promote the use of best practices in terms of integrity in the Company’s establishments.”