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News has announced the resumption of ticket sales operations to support its affiliate partners through its Texas retail network.

During the first week of operations, said it sold more than seven million tickets for Texas lottery games.

Meanwhile, also signed an exclusive affiliate agreement with International Gaming Alliance (IGA) to supply official Texas lottery tickets in the Dominican Republic.

Under the agreement, IGA will integrate’s ticket management platform into its partner’s EPOS systems. The IGA retail and online distribution network in the Dominican Republic includes access to more than 1,000 retail distribution points. expects to begin supplying tickets during May 2023, following the completion of testing.

“We are making great progress as a company and it is testament to the resilience of both our operational alacrity and our people that we were able to fulfill this order in such a short time frame, after almost nine months of shut down,” new chief executive Mark Gustavson said. “We are now up and running again and able to supply tickets.

“Our production capacity through our retail partner network has tripled; and all machines and personnel capacity has been ramped up to supply our customers. These will include our new agreement with IGA in the Dominican Republic and we hope to announce further deals in due course.”

Erick Caceres, managing partner for Dominican Republic operations, also said: “This partnership will provide an exciting opportunity for lottery enthusiasts in the Dominican Republic to participate in one of the most popular lottery games in the US, and we look forward to delivering a seamless and secure experience through our partner retailers such as the Domloteria app and other authorized retail outlets.”

Future prospects

The news will come as a boost to, which has been hit with a number of setbacks in recent times. The latest blow came last month when the founders of lottery data business TinBu, John Brier and Bin Tu, filed a lawsuit alleging that failed to give them promised compensation after the company was acquired.

Gustavson was appointed to the role of CEO in February in the latest effort to help steady the ship, with non-compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rules among the other issues that have impacted the business.

In December, was issued another warning by Nasdaq, this time because of the late filing of its third quarter results. was required to file its quarterly statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via a Form 10-Q but said it has been unable to do so as it has not yet completed an evaluation of an ongoing review into its accounting controls.

The operator gave the same reason for not filing its second quarter results on time earlier in the year.

“Since my arrival, regaining compliance with the Nasdaq Listing Rules has been an absolute priority,” Gustavson said. “In this regard, the new management team is working with our auditors and other advisers to substantially improve our disclosure and reporting controls, as well as implementing an overhaul of our systems of internal control.

“Our business turnaround is working to plan and we optimistic about the future prospects for the business.”