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Mississippi betting handle continues decline in June


Player spending on sports betting in Mississippi fell for the third consecutive month in June, while the state also experienced year-on-year declines.

Monthly handle in Mississippi reached $20.4m. This was 18.7% behind $25.1m in June 2022 and 23.9% less than $26.8m in May of this year.

Revenue for June amounted to $1.8m, down 14.3% year-on-year and 43.8% behind $3.2m in May.

Coastal casinos drew the most custom with a handle of $13.0m. These venues were also able to generate $832,238 in revenue during the month.

Casinos in the central region took $5.1m in bets and posted $717,679 in revenue. Finally, handle for northern casinos reached $2.3m, with revenue at $298,760.

Baseball became the sport of choice among players, drawing $9.3m in bets. Of this total, $6.7m was wagered at coastal casinos.