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Mississippi sportsbook revenue declines despite increased handle


Mississippi casinos made $3.5m in revenue from sports betting in December,  its lowest figure since August and down 43.7% year-on-year, despite handle rising 17.5% to $49.1m.

The state’s coastal casinos were again the most popular venues to bet on sports, with a handle of $30.5m, up 11.7%. However, while the region was first in revenue with $1.6m, this figure represented a 56.7% decline from 2018.

While casinos in central Mississippi saw a handle of only $6.1m, a 13.1% year-on-year increase but the least of the state’s three regions, it was second in revenue with $1.2m, up 27.2% year-on-year.

Players staked $12.5m at Northern Mississippi casinos, 38.0% more than 2018. However, handle declined 52.9% to $696,638.

Football remained the most popular sport for betting in Mississippi, with a handle of $28.7m and bringing in $857,590 in revenue. Basketball contributed the second-highest handle, with $13.5m, and brought in more revenue than football at $1.2m.

However, parlay cards were the largest source of revenue for sportsbooks, bringing in $1.3m on $5.5m worth of stakes. Players bet $1.0m on other sports and casinos took in $169,110.

Football was the most popular sport for betting in every region, and was followed by basketball in each.

However, while football was the largest source of revenue for sportsbooks in central Mississippi, it placed third in the other two regions, with parlay cards leading the way.