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Missouri sports betting bill passed to state senate


A bill that aims to legalize sports betting in Missouri is heading to the state senate after it passed its final house reading yesterday (March 24).

House Bill 2556 was first introduced on January 19 and was first referred to the Special Committee on Public Policy. It was sponsored by Representative Dan Houx.

It was one of several sports wagering bills that progressed through the Missouri state legislature in March.

The bill is a House Committee substitute for House Bill 2505, which also attempted to legalize sports betting in Missouri.

HB2556 had been with the Administrative Oversight Committee since March 2.

If passed into law, the bill would repeal sections of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to include 15 sports wagering stipulations.

Under the bill, operators must pay an application fee of $150,000 and a renewal fee of $125,000 if they wish to obtain an interactive sports wagering license.

A number of bills that aimed to legalize sports wagering in Missouri made progress last year, but did not advance past the House Emerging Issues Committee.