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Nevada sets sports handle record for 2019


Sports bettors in Nevada wagered a record $5.32bn, up 6.1% from 2018’s previous record.

The state’s casinos took in a total of $12.03bn in revenue for the year, up 1.0% year-on-year and the highest figure since 2007.

In total, casinos made $329.1m in revenue from sports betting, up 9.5%.

Nevada continued to lead all states in sports betting handle and revenue, ahead of New Jersey’s $299.4m of revenue on a handle of $4.58bm.

Football was the most popular sport for betting during the year, with players staking $1.87bn and casinos taking in $122.4m, up19.7% year-on-year. Basketball followed with revenue of $94.4m on stakes of $1.68bn, while players staked $1.12bn on baseball, on which casinos took in $57.2m.

Casinos made a further $14.9m in revenue from parlay cards, on $50.1m of bets and $40.1m on a handle of $594.8 on other sports.

Slots remained the largest source of revenue for Nevada casinos, which took in $7.93bn from the machines, up 2.9% year-on-year, again the highest figure since 2007 as players staked $114.99bn on the machines.

Penny slots edged out multi-denominational slots as the largest source of revenue among slot games, with the games bringing in $3.50bn and $3.27bn respectively.

However, multi-denominational slots saw more money spent than any other game, with players staking $62.14bn. On penny slots, meanwhile, players staked $35.23bn.

The next two most popular forms of slots were 1 dollar slots, where players staked $8.63bn and casinos took in $556.0m, and 25 cent slots, where players staked $3.74bn and casinos won $282.2m.

Card and table games – including sports and racing betting – took in $4.10bn, a 2.6% year-on-year decline as players staked $29.60bn.

Twenty-one was the largest source of revenue, bringing in $1.11bn as players staked $7.79bn. However, players staked more money on baccarat, which brought in $1.05bn on $8.14 worth of bets.

Craps took in $424.7m as players staked $2.65bn, while players staked $1.99bn on roulette, from which casinos made $373.3m.

In total, gamblers in Nevada staked a total of $144.59bn, up 0.5% year-on-year.

Casinos in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, made $10.36bn in revenue, up 1.1% year-on-year, while casinos on the Las Vegas Strip made $6.59bn, down 0.2%.

For December 2019, state gaming revenue rose 5.8% to $1.06bn. The state took in $700.1m on slot machines, the best month for slots since March 2008. Penny slots took in $299.8m in revenue, just ahead of the $299.7m from multi-denomination slots.

Nevada casinos took in $357.5m from table games, including sports and race betting. Twenty-one took in the most revenue, at $107.3m, as players staked $679.0m. Baccarat followed in revenue with $76.1m in revenue despite higher stakes of $835.4m after a lower casino win rate for the month of just 9.1%.

Total sportsbook handle for the month came to $571.2m, while the state took in $36.3m in revenue, a 17.6% year-on-year decline but up from last month’s $31.0m.

Football was the source of the majority of betting revenue, at $23.7m, on a handle of $341.5m. Players wagers $153.4m on basketball and casinos took in $11.2m in revenue.