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Newgioco launches new mobile wagering platform


Betting technology supplier Newgioco has rolled out a new flagship mobile web platform for use in sports betting markets around the world, with an emphasis on the US.

The second-generation technology has been designed based on key performance data collected from Newgioco’s first generation platform, with the supplier citing navigation and turn-around time for users to find their favourite event as focus areas.

Although Newgioco has launched the platform for international deployment, it has earmarked the US sports betting market as a key region for the technology.

“Our unique, high-performance second-generation mobile platform is designed from the ground up on our powerful and modular ELYS sports betting engine to win head-to-head against some of our largest peer competitors,” Newgioco chief executive, Michele Ciavarella, said.

“The feature-rich design of our mobile experience, which is central to the highly anticipated execution of our common sense US sports betting strategy, has been a key development project coded by our exceptional software team.”

Luca Pasquini, chief technology officer at Newgioco, has also said that a modular design on the platform will allow the technology to quickly go to market with a number of plug-and-play features for certain US markets.

Pasquini added: “Significantly, the new modular architecture includes features inherent of the leading-edge Material Design framework allowing the flexibility of quickly creating new layouts for a variety of both enterprise brands and chain store locations, private brands and applications to other services such as loyalty rewards for restaurants and cruise lines, push marketing for customer acquisition and retention and importantly, the ability to offer both online and land-based betting distribution under a variety of gaming regulations.”

The supplier has earmarked US growth as a key strategic goal for 2019, and is looking to list its shares on a stock exchange in the country. To this end, it has appointed Paul Sallwasser and Steven Shallcross, two executives with experience of working for US-listed businesses, to its board.

The launch comes after Newgioco cited expansion costs as the main reason behind a net loss of $3.1m (£2.4m) in the first three months of the year.

Revenue for the three months to March 31, 2019 amounted to $9.3m, up by 7.8% from $8.6m in the opening quarter of last year, but general and administrative expenses also increased by 46.6% to $3.0m as a result of investment to support Newgioco’s expansion in the US.