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North Carolina House committee passes sports wagering bills as deadline looms


North Carolina’s House Judiciary Committee has passed two bills that would bring sports wagering to the state, just nine days before the legislative session ends on June 30.

The bills will now be referred to the state’s House Finance Committee and will be heard today (June 22).

The main sports wagering bill – Senate Bill 688 – had its first reading on April 8 2021.

Senate Bill 38, which details amendments to sports wagering in North Carolina, had its first reading on February 1 2021.

Under SB688, applicants for sports betting supplier licenses must pay a license fee of $15,000. Applicants for interactive sports wagering licenses must pay a fee of $500,000, while those wishing to obtain a service provider license must pay a $25,000 fee.

All licenses are valid for 5 years and are subject to a renewal fee of $100,000, $10,000 or $5,000 for interactive sports wagering licenses, service provider licenses and sports wagering supplier licenses respectively.

Interactive sports wagering operators must pay tax of 8% of their adjusted gross revenue to the Commission on a monthly basis.

However, under SB38 applicants for interactive sports wagering licenses would pay a fee of $1,000,000. Service provider licensees would pay a fee of $50,000, while sports wagering supplier licensees would pay a $30,000 fee.

A bill to bring online sports wagering to North Carolina made slow progress through the state’s house last year, but stalled in November.