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NV sportsbooks bring in $38.1m in last month before shutdown


Nevada casinos brought in $1.04bn in revenue while sportsbook revenue grew to $38.1m in the last full month before the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic led to a near-total shutdown of casinos and global sport.

The state’s revenue of $1.04bn for February, up 3.1% year-on-year, came on total player stakes of $12.61bn in the last full month without casino closures in the US. In the second half of March, all commercial casinos in the US closed in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Bettors wagered $491.8m at Nevada sportsbooks, up 7.2% year-on-year but down 2.2% from January, and brought in $38.1m in revenue, up 6.3% from last year and 88.6% from January. This figure came on a full schedule of sporting events for the month, before almost all major sports globally were suspended in mid-March.

In the second month of reporting mobile figures, players wagered $218.7m on mobile devices, down 11.0%. Nevada casinos made $9.9m from mobile bets, down 12.3%.

Basketball was the most popular sports for betting, with players wagering $260.7m and sportsbooks bringing in $13.1m.

However, the largest source of revenue among sports was football, with Super Bowl LIV being a major source of revenue for casinos. Players wagered $152.0m on the sport and casinos took in $15.2m.

Hockey brought in $3.1m in revenue on $33.2m worth of bets. Casinos made a loss of $218,000 on baseball on $1.3m worth of bets. Parlay cards brought in $788,000 on a handle of $1.9m.

Slot machines were again the largest source of revenue for Nevada casinos, bringing in $648.5m on stakes of $9.61bn.

Penny slots contributed the most revenue among slot machines, at $278.9m on stakes of $2.97bn. Multi-denomination slots brought in $275.3m and saw the highest stakes, at $5.30bn.

Dollar slots brought in $50.8m in revenue, 25 cent slots $20.4m and five dollar slots $6.6m.

Table games, including sports and racing betting, brought in $394.2m in revenue as players stakes rose to $3.00bn.

Baccarat was the largest source of revenue among table games, bringing in $116.9m. Twenty one was the next most popular table game, in terms of revenue, with $104.4m.

Craps was next in revenue with $33.6m on stakes of $221.0m. Roulette, however, saw the next-highest stakes, at $266.8m, bringing in $33.4m in revenue.

Texas hold ‘em poker brought in $10.2m in revenue, and three-card poker $10.1m.

Clark County, which includes Las Vegas brought in $897.5m in revenue on stakes of $10.49bn. Slots brought in $533.2m and table games $364.3m.

Las Vegas Strip casinos brought in $596.2m in revenue, with $308.8m from table games and $287.4m from slots.