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New Yorkers using multiple mobile betting apps, research suggests


Mobile sports betting players in New York use an average of 3.3 apps to place bets, suggesting a lack of operator loyalty, according to research from mobile gaming customer acquisition company Betting Hero.

The research took place over March 2022 and assessed the answers of 215 respondents aged 21-64.

Most of the respondents (83%) were male.

The research revealed a number of key facts about New York’s mobile sports betting market, which opened on 10 January 2022.

Respondents reported using an average of 3.3 apps to place mobile sports bets. This is more than in New Jersey where an average of 2.8 apps are used.

A total of 23% of respondents stated they used four apps, while 19% used two apps. Using three apps was the third most popular choice, at 18%.

Six percent of respondents reported using six apps, while 4% reported using seven.

Turning to operators, 63% of sports bettors included DraftKings in their lists when asked to name as many real-money online sportsbooks as they could, slightly ahead of FanDuel at 58%.

DraftKings was also named as the favorite sportsbook of 29% of customers, followed closely by FanDuel at 28%.

BetMGM and Caesars were the third and fourth most popular, scoring 12% and 10% of the vote respectively.

Meanwhile, the study revealed that more than eight in ten (81%) of respondents residing in New York City had bet in another state prior to the market’s launch.

The research also found that using a mobile sports betting app in a different state, prior to the market’s launch in New York, meant a higher retention rate for operators.

For example, 79% of respondents marked FanDuel as their favorite app if it was the first app they had used in New York. Contrastingly, 89% of respondents marked it as their favourite app if they had used it outside of New York before the market launch.

This trend was seen across the board. For DraftKings, 72% of respondents cited the operator as their favorite app if it was the first app they had used in New York, while 80% marked it as their favorite app if they had used it previously outside the state. This divergence was also seen for BetMGM and Caesars.