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Oregon Lottery sets betting handle record in August


Oregon’s SBTech-powered betting app scoreboard took in revenue of $1.7m, up 6.6%, in August, and set a new record for turnover at $25.8m, up 83.8%.

The number of active players grew by 40.6% to 17,293 as 2,690 new customers registered, up 85.0% from the 1,454 who registered for Scoreboard in July.

Across all users, the average spend for the month was $31.31 per player, down 11.8% from July.

Thanks to the return of the National Basketball Association (NBA) on July 30, basketball took back the top spot in betting handle, with 14,925 players (up 119.1%) staking $14.0m, up 449.8% month-over-month.

This led to revenue of $880,301, after Score Board lost $89,388 on basketball in July.

With Major League Baseball also returning in July, it was the second-most popular sport for bettors, bringing in $352,157, up 248.2%, on stakes of $4.4m, up 92.1%.

Soccer, the most popular sport in July, reported the third-highest handle in August, down 49.3% to $1.9m, but Scoreboard lost $17,187 on the sport after making $399,421 in revenue in 2019.

Mixed martial arts was the third largest source of revenue, at $136,713, down 51.7%, on bets of $702,094, down 43.7%. 

Table tennis – which attracted the most stakes in April, May and June – declined significantly but continued to do well, bringing in revenue of $98,794, down 33.1%, on stakes of $1.7m, down 47.0%.

Although the NHL returned on 1 August, ice hockey bets came to only $1.5m, bringing in revenue of just $83,203.

In total, players bet on 21 different sports including Scoreboard specials, with golf, tennis, rugby union, rugby league, Australian rules, boxing, cricket, cycling, handball, darts and football among the others receiving bets.

While the majority of bets were pre-match, live bets took in more revenue. Players staked $13.9m on live bets, up 71.6%, which brought in revenue of $886,165. On pre-match bets, players staked $11.9m, up 101.7%, and Scoreboard made $776,241, up 26.4%.

Since Score Board’s launch in October last year, 34,211 players have staked $155.9m, with the lottery bringing in $11.6m in revenue.