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Oregon sees handle and revenue dip in February


Oregon’s DraftKings-powered Scoreboard sportsbook has revealed that its turnover and gross gaming revenue (GGR) have both declined compared to January’s figures, but were up compared to last year.

Total stakes grew 41.6% year-on-year to $29.6m in February 2021, while handle was up 75.6% to $2.6m. However, turnover was down 15.0% and GGR was down by 30.6% when compared with January 2021.

In total 27,840 active players, up 22.7% placed bets at an average of $29.43 per player. This comes as the number of overall bets grew 29.6% to 1.0 million.

A majority of bets were placed pre-match, coming in at 659,054 compared to 346,560 live bets.

Most bets placed in February were single and teaser bets at 707,118 compared to 298,496 combo and system bets.

As the NBA climbs towards the height of the regular season, basketball took the lead in handle, bringing in turnover of $17.5m, up 38.0%. Operators made $1.3m in revenue, more than double the total from February 2020.

Football followed, bringing in $3.43m of worth of bets, up 47.8%, as the NFL season ended with Super Bowl LV in early February. This resulted in revenue of $689,025, more than four times the revenue at this point in 2020.

Soccer came in third this month, with handle of $2.3m and revenue of $252,962.