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Oregon sports betting revenue reaches new heights in November


Oregon’s DraftKings-powered sports betting app generated a record total of $4.4m in revenue in November, up 46.5% from October and 7.6% from November 2020.

This is the highest revenue amount since the product launched, breaking a the record set in November 2020, when the app recorded revenue of $4.1m.

Total handle came to $32.6m, down by 13.2% from the $37.6m recorded in October. However, this was an increase of 30.5% on a year-on-year basis.

Unique average players totaled at 26,844 a drop of 3.3% from the previous month. The year-on-year increases continued, with unique average players rising 16.7% from November 2020.

For November the average bet amount came to $32.61. This was a 3.7% loss from October, and a rise of 7.3% rise year-on-year.

Basketball had the highest handle for the month, at $13.5m in the first full month of the NBA season. This was up 50.8% from October and $11.3m year-on-year.

Football had the second highest handle, at $11.2m as the NFL season continued. This was down 28.0% from last month and down 24.3% from November 2020.

The total handle for soccer came to $2.6m, down 20.4% from October and 30.7% yearly.