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Peer-to-peer golf betting app launches for US customers


Golf Bettor, a new app entirely focused on betting on golf, has launched in the Apple App Store, with an Android version to follow later this year.

Developed by brothers Graham and Emmett McGee, Golf Bettor is available with 12 distinct game formats, each with up to 10 options to customise bets between players on the course.

The initial bet formats include stroke play, match play, nassau, skins, wolf, nine dot, six dot, Vegas, pot of gold, junk bets, bingo bango bongo and scorecard only.

Golf Bettor supports play at 20,000 courses in the US and Canada, with data for almost 90,000 tee boxes.

Users will also have access to in-game communication, with multiple foursomes that can play, score and bet against one another. Each foursome can see scores in real-time as well as the resulting bet tallies.

In addition, a game viewer code will allow people who are not at the course to follow the action with the scores and bets.

“Tackling a solution to golf betting seemed a bit inane but once we started the programming and project management of it, we were pretty committed to see it through,” Graham McGee said. “The nuances of the side games played most often made for pretty interesting and complex Excel formulas.

“When we moved to communicating the requirements to a development team, we knew we had the potential to build a great app.”