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Pennsylvania regulator releases new funding for illegal gambling probes


Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is to offer $2m worth of grants to law enforcement agencies in the state to investigate violations of gambling laws.

The gaming control board said that the agencies eligible to apply for the grants include municipal and regional police departments, district attorney offices, combined task forces, college and university police departments and the Pennsylvania state police, when it is the primary enforcement agency in that municipality.

In prior years, college and university police departments had not been eligible to receive the grant money.

The grants are intended to be used towards projects related to the identification, prevention, deterrence, enforcement, investigation or prosecution of activities involving unlawful gambling.

Projects may fit into the categories of identification, prevention and deterrence; prevention, enforcement, investigation and prosecution or other prevention and enforcement programs.

No grant may exceed $250,000 and any grant in excess of $100,000 will require the completion of an audit of the expenditure of the grant funds by a certified public accountant. Grants may not exceed 10% of the budget of the local law enforcement agency applying for the grant.

The deadline for grant applications is January 21, 2020.