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Playtech partners with Kindbridge for US gambling treatment research


Playtech has partnered with virtual mental health clinic Kindbridge in a union that will aimed at creating a new framework for gambling treatment across the US. 

The newly formed Kindbridge Research Institute will focus on the mental health of gamblers, offering support to those at risk.

The institute is commissioning Rutgers University’s Center for Gambling Studies to set up an evidence-based model to track the effectiveness of treatments and support to those suffering from gambling-related harm.

Playtech chief executive Mor Weizer said: “The research partnership with Kindbridge and Rutgers University will play a critical role in helping the sector design and deliver high quality digital wellbeing and mental health support for those at-risk and affected by gambling related harm.

“We are delighted to partner with Kindbridge Research Institute and Kindbridge clinical network as they pioneer the next generation of gambling treatment, services and support in the U.S.”

Kindbridge is collaborating with casino operators and suppliers across the country to analyze player data so as to get a a better understanding of players’ habits.

Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge, added: “Combining data from players and Kindbridge’s clinical network will result in meaningful insight that has never before been achieved. The scale of the data sets mean we can gain in-depth understanding into those who are currently suffering from harmful gambling behaviours, as well as members of their support network who may also be affected.

“This research will allow data scientists, academics and researchers to gain more insight on effective support and treatment in a digital environment than ever before.”