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Simplebet reveals micro-betting appetite for NFL red zone action


Simplebet, the US-based micro-betting specialist, has announced increased interest in two of its niche betting markets so far during the NFL Playoffs.

Ahead of the Super Bowl championship game on February 12 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, Simplebet revealed that $1.5m in handle has been generated during the playoffs through the bet: “Who will score a touchdown on this drive?”

The niche market, which offers nine selections, including “no outcome”, registered significant interest across the first three rounds of the postseason when 65 touchdowns were scored across 12 games.

26% of individuals who wagered on Simplebet’s partner operator platforms placed at least one bet on this market in the divisional and conference championship rounds.

Other popular drive-focused markets have included Simplebet’s micro timeframe “Script” market, which has generated $1.3m in handle during the playoffs by giving punters the opportunity to guess the outcome of the play and whether it will result in a first down or not.

The outcome of a kickoff was also a popular selection, with the market securing 6.5% of all micro bets over the first three rounds of the postseason competition.

Simplebet CEO Chris Bevilacqua said: “We saw an incredible amount of action on our highly detailed markets, and with points being scored seemingly every drive, more and more bettors wanted a piece of the action, and our markets proved to have the most uptime for the ordinary bettor who is looking for instant gratification.

“The amount of traffic we saw on key markets from major partners such as Caesars and bet365 proves the appetite is there amongst wagerers for micro-betting and instant gratification, and we can’t wait to see what the Super Bowl has in store for us.”

A record 46.6m American adults were expected to wager on the current NFL season, up 3% on the previous year, according to research published by the American Gaming Association at the start of the season.