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South Carolina amendment would let legislature legalize betting and igaming


A South Carolina Representative has put forward a bill that would amend the state constitution, allowing the legislature to legalize varying forms of gambling – including sports betting.

The passage of the amendment would not legalize forms of gambling itself. Instead, it would permit the South Carolina legislature to do so.

Titled the South Carolina House Joint Resolution 3095, the bill was introduced in the state House yesterday (10 January) and referred to the House Committee on Judiciary. It is sponsored by Representative Todd Rutherford.

If passed, the bill would add a new section to the state constitution, which would allow different forms of gambling to be permitted by the legislature – including sports betting, online gaming, pari mutuel betting on horse racing and casino games.

To amend the constitution in South Carolina, two-thirds of the state House needs to vote in favor of the bill and then it must be approved by referendum.

The 90km South Carolina 2023 legislative session ends on 11 May.

A similar bill – which would have seen only sports betting legalized, and would have amended existing legislation rather than the state constitution – was introduced in April 2022, but it did not progress.