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South Dakota Governor signs sports betting bill into law


Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota, has signed off on a bill that will legalize sports wagering in the city of Deadwood.

Introduced in January, Senate Bill 44 amends existing laws, allowing players in Deadwood to place legal sports bets in Deadwood, the only area of the state where any form of gambling is permitted.

Consumers must first register in-person at a licensed casino in the city, after which they will be able to bet via mobile from within the casino premises.

Sports wagering services provider licenses will cost $2,000, with operators also required to pay an annual renewal fee of $2,000 to retain this permit.

The bill did not state how much tax operators will have to pay, nor how many licenses would be awarded. The South Dakota Commission on Gaming will be responsible for regulating the market.

Consumers can place legal bets on all sports, with the exception of high school sports, minor league sports and colleges located in the state. Prop bets on individual college athletes will also be prohibited.

Passage of the bill comes after South Dakota citizens in November of last year voted 58.5% to 41.5% in favour of legalizing sports betting in the state.

Amendment B expanded the range of legal gambling products in South Dakota to add wagering to blackjack, craps, poker, roulette and slot machines, all of which are also only available in Deadwood.

Senate Bill cleared the South Dakota Senate by a vote of 32-2 in February, as well as the state’s House of Representatives earlier this month 58-8.