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WPF Holdings restructures to pursue full SEC reporting status


WPF Holdings, the business previously known as World Poker Fund Holdings, has completed a corporate restructuring as part of a wider plan to become a fully Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting company.

The restructure project included redomiciling the business to the state of Florida, increasing its authorized common shares to 500 million shares, completing a 500:1 reverse split to its common stock and renaming it to WPF Holdings.

WPF said in addition to pursuing full SEC reporting status, its other priority was to refocus all the business’s efforts on technology. The business also specializes in e-commerce and digital consultancy.

The company said chief technology consultant Maurice Mills played an “instrumental” role in the restructuring, drawing on his experience in technology solutions across a number of business sectors to support the initiative.

“We feel that technology is constantly evolving, and our company needs to be at the forefront of it,” Mills said.