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Wyoming sports betting bill moves to Senate after initial rejection


A bill to legalise online sports wagering in the state of Wyoming has finally passed the  House of Representatives and moves onto the Senate after initially being voted down.

The bill, House Bill 0133, which is set to authorize online sports betting within the state of Wyoming, was defeated in a vote last week by a 32-28 margin, but on a second attempt it passed, also by a vote of 32-28.

The bill was introduced by representative Tom Walters.

The act details the parameters within which sports betting licenses will be granted to vendors within the state.

Wyoming’s Gambling Commission, which will regulate betting, will only grant permits to vendors who are ‘currently operating in good standing’ in at least three US jurisdictions, and that have paid all necessary fees.

Initial sports betting operator permits will cost $100,000 and be valid for five years – after which renewal fees will be $50,000.

Operators will pay 10% of all revenue generated from online sports betting in tax every month.

Last year, a similar bill was introduced but was voted down 32-27 in the House.