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Nevada gaming revenue falls to 24-year low in 2020


Nevada gaming revenue declined 34.6% to $7.87bn in 2020, the lowest annual total since 1996, after closures and ongoing property restrictions as a result of novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Slot machines made up more than two thirds of revenue, at $5.42bn, down 31.7% year-on-year, as players staked $78.61bn.

Multi-denomination and penny slots made up the majority of revenue, with the former bringing in slightly more at $2.38bn, down 27.3% compared to the latter’s $2.35bn, down 32.8%.

Multi-denomination slots saw significantly more stakes, though, at $43.84bn compared to $24.14bn on penny slots.

One dollar slot revenue declined 34.3% to $365.0m and 25 cent slots saw revenue down 49.1% at $143.7m.

Table games, meanwhile, brought in $2.46bn as players staked $19.09bn. Twenty one was the largest source of revenue at $643.0m, though this was down 42.2%, on stakes totalling $4.59bn.

Baccarat was second in revenue with $604.3m, down 42.5%, but saw more money bet, at $5.35bn.

Craps revenue, meanwhile, declined 37.8% to $264.1m. Roulette revenue was down 43.5% to $210.8m.

Sports betting revenue came to $262.8m, down 20.2%, as players bet $4.34bn with the state’s casinos, 18.4% less than 2019 and 2.7% less than New Jersey sportsbooks took in in the second half of the year alone.

In the first year in which Nevada broke down how much of its revenue came from online betting, the sector brought in $117.6m, but made up the majority of betting volume at $2.61bn.

Football was the most popular sport for betting, with players staking $1.92bn and sportsbooks bringing in $172.7m, down 40.4% from 2019.

Basketball bets came to $1.17bn, as revenue was down 40.4% at $56.3m, while baseball betting revenue was impacted by a severely shortened Major League Baseball (MLB) season, falling 61.3% to $22.1m, on bets worth $518.7m.

Hockey brought in $9.7m in revenue on a handle of $149.8m and parlay cards $15.2m on bets worth $37.7m.

Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, brought in revenue of $6.54bn, down 36.8%. Slot revenue was down 34.3% to $4.29bn and table game revenue down 41.1% to $2.25bn.

Looking just at December, revenue came to $683.7m, down 35.4% year-on-year and less than every full month since reopening.

 Slot machines made up $459.0m of this total, 34.4% less than last year, while table game revenue declined 37.1% to $224.7m. Multi-denomination slots brought in the largest portion of slot revenue at $219.5m while Baccarat led table games with $63.2m.

Sports betting revenue was up 11.7% to $40.6m on bets worth $588.0m. Of this total, $352.2m was bet online, producing $22.8m in revenue.

Football bets brought in $25.7m in revenue, basketball $12.7m and parlay cards $2.6m.