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North Carolina sports betting bill voted through by House


North Carolina has moved a step forward in its journey to sports betting legalization after the state’s House voted in favor of a bill that would regulate this form of gambling.

The bill will now be passed to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, who is expected to sign it into law.

This comes after two unsuccessful attempts at sports betting legalization were passed before the end of the legislative session in June last year, and did not see any further progress.

House Bill 347 was passed 69-44 after its latest reading in the North Carolina House. The bill was voted through the state Senate last week.

It was first introduced on March 13.

The bill would allow North Carolinians to place bets on different types of sports, including professional sports, esports, amateur sports and other types of sports authorized by the State’s Commission.

The bill stipulates a $1m application fee for interactive sports wagering licenses, a $50,000 application fee for service provider licenses and a $30,000 application fee for sports wagering supplier licenses.

Licenses will be valid for five years.

A maximum of 12 interactive sports wagering licenses will be authorized by the Commission.