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OR sets betting handle record in September, but GGR declines


Oregon’s SBTech-powered Scoreboard sportsbook set another record for handle at $26.2m in September, but saw revenue fall by 8.1% to $1.5m thanks to a negative margin for football bets.

In total, 22,252 active players placed 839,162 bets, up 1.7%, with an average stake of $31.19, down 0.4%.

The app signed up 4,364 new customers during the month. 

With the National Basketball Association playoffs occurring through September, basketball was the most popular sport, with turnover of $8.0m, but this was down 43.8%. From this total, Scoreboard took $675,000, down 23.3%.

The return of the National Football League vaulted football into second in terms of handle, bringing in stakes of $7.2m, more than 1,000 times the amounts wagered on the sport in August. However, Scoreboard paid out more than it took in, resulting in a loss of $148,000. While handle was lower for football than basketball, it saw the highest number of active players and bets of any sport.

Baseball followed, bringing in $4.1m worth of bets, down 6.5%, and producing revenue of $393,000, up 11.6%.

Soccer brought in revenue of $144,000 on $2.1m of stakes, while tennis brought in $137,000 on a handle of $1.4m.

The popularity of betting on table tennis endured, as players staked $1.3m and Scoreboard took in $124,000 as 892 players bet an average of $63.09 per bet.

Ice hockey meanwhile, took in revenue of $83,000 on handle of just $701,000, despite the Stanley Cup playoffs occurring in September.

In total, Scoreboard customers bet on 21 sports, during the month, the same amount as in August. Other sports players bet on included golf, MMA, boxing, cricket, motor racing, rugby union, cycling, darts and handball.

By number, the vast majority of bets were placed pre-match, at 583,892 compared to 255,270.

Turnover was higher on pre-match bets, but by a much smaller margin at $14.9m compared to $11.3m, though this was still a contrast from August when more was staked during matches. Live bets, meanwhile, made up more than two thirds of Scoreboard’s GGR, at $1.0m compared to $505,000 for pre-match bets.

Most bets placed in September, 563,307, were single and teaser bets, which made up $20.2m of turnover and resulted in $958,000 in revenue. 275,855 Combo bets brought in $568,000 in revenue on stakes of $5.9m.