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Pitch @ SBUSA: Play Globally

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Last but by no means least is the final contender for Pitch @ Sports Betting USA Digital, Play Globally. The business, through its Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook products, aims to convert live sporting events into a game of poker. Founders Stephen and Joceyln Dunham explain how the inspiration came from a similar game using cattle.

Stephen Dunham

If you think Play Globally may have uncovered something potentially huge, vote for them to pitch to a panel of investors at the event.

What does Play Globally do?

Play Globally develops innovative and protected land-based and app-based gaming products.  Our Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook products convert every race and virtually every professional sporting match into an exciting real-time game of poker based on actual in-play athlete performance.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea originated from the actual application of large vinyl playing cards onto cattle.  A two-person team on horseback would then ride into the herd and either rope or cut their best five card poker hand out of the herd in the fastest time.  We expanded this IP to then include race horses and professional athletes for the Poker Racebook and Poker Sportsbook.

Who is your target customer?

The Poker Racebook and Poker Sportsbook are designed to drive traffic to physical locations through national and regional user leaderboards and tournaments, providing value to casinos, race tracks, resorts, bars and restaurants, advertisers and users alike.  Our products also add unique value to fantasy sports applications.

How do you see the business developing going forward?

Upon completion of the Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook apps, Play Globally will seek licensing and alignment with the major sports leagues and relevant strategic partners for distribution and cash flow.  Additional innovations are also under development.

What sort of challenges does Play Globally face?

Jocelyn Dunham

Our biggest challenge in the current climate is to raise the funds necessary to complete and release the Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook.  We have signed agreements and prospective customers that substantially accelerate distribution and cash flow but we need to have the product completed for a beta release to leverage these assets.

What sort of funding have you raised?

Approximately $500,000.

How did you find the fundraising process? Do you feel investor appetite for gambling products and solutions has evolved in recent years?

We have only invited friends & family until now.  Currently we are opening discussions with angel investors and yes, investors are showing a stronger appetite for high-margin recurring revenue gambling products and solutions such as the Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook.

Play Globally at a glance:
Product: Poker Sportsbook and Poker Racebook

Founded: 2015 as the Poker Rodeo Association, then 2019 as Play Globally.

Founders: Stephen Dunham, Jocelyn Dunham

Management: Stephen Dunham, Marty Mooney, Michael Adams + Advisory Board

Launch date: Product launch scheduled for 2021

Markets: Casinos, Race Tracks, Advertising, Bars & Restaurants, Fantasy Sports, Professional Sports & Racing, Poker


Location: Vista, California USA