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Wyoming legalizes sports betting


The state of Wyoming has legalized sports betting after Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 0133 into law yesterday (5 April).

The bill was introduced in February by six state representatives and two senators. 

Under the bill, Wyoming’s Gambling Commission will regulate betting, with licenses available to vendors operating in at least three US jurisdictions.

Initial sports betting operator permits would cost $100,000 and remain valid for five years, after which licensees would need to pay a renewal fee of $50,000.

Operators would also pay a 10% tax on all revenue generated from online sports betting every month.

Although HB0133 failed on its first vote in the House, it was passed on a second vote by a 32-28 margin, before passing the Senate by a 24-5 vote, after an amendment regarding reporting requirements was adopted.

After the House concurred this amendment, the bill was presented to Gordon, who signed it into law.

The State Gambling Commission has now been tasked with developing regulations for sports betting, by 1 September.